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Our Cargo Services

The entire operation, from pick-up to delivery, is simple. Your logistics provider will arrange for a local carrier to pick up from your storage facility or warehouse. Our carrier will then present the shipment to the airport so that it may be loaded onto a plane. The GMK menu items are as follows:

 Live animals may be transported on AI services so long as they adhere to the applicable regulatory authority’s guidelines, the current IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR), and AI’s own criteria.

Goods that deteriorate over time or in response to changes in temperature, humidity, or other environmental factors are considered perishable cargo. As a result, the acceptance of perishable cargo for air transport is handled with the highest care.


Human Remains (HUM) – are of 2 types and they are –

Human remains as body (in Coffin)

Humans remains as ash (in Urns)



Heavy Loads (HEA) A BIG – Overhang item is defined as one that is either loaded on two or more pallets, or that requires special handling/equipment for loading and unloading due to its size or weight.

Flowers are typically packaged in cardboard boxes or wicker baskets with protective paper and arrangements in place for easy handling.

Wet Cargo refers to the packaging and transport of perishable items like meat that cannot be refrigerated. At every step of the meat-processing process, the highest standards of cleanliness are upheld.

Strong fiber board or hardwood boxes with honeycombed separation trays allow parcels to be stacked on top of each other, and preparations are in place to facilitate easy handling of the eggs

Wet Cargo is used for transporting fresh fish, which is totally sealed in watertight containers. As per protocol, we cannot have the temperature get too high. Wooden, Styrofoam, or corrugated fiber board boxes are required for the outside packaging. The contents of the box must be covered with a polyethylene film that is resistant to moisture. If ice cubes are to be used as a cooling agent, they must be stored in watertight polyethylene bags that have been secured with an elastic band.

Since the stakes are so high when it comes to saving lives, LHO, blood, and other lifesaving medications and vaccines are handled with the utmost care and urgency.

Acceptance and management of short-lived radioactive isotopes are performed in strict conformity with the RAM as outlined in the most recent version of the IATA DGR.

The Ministry of External Affairs in India and the Indian Embassy, Consulate, or Legation abroad are typically responsible for the carriage of Diplomatic Mail on behalf of the Government of India. But Diplomatic Mail is sent on behalf of foreign governments and is always accorded top attention.

Wet Cargo refers to shipments that are not considered dangerous under the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations since they contain liquids or may generate liquids during transport. Special precautions are taken to avoid leaks and spills

Using an air way bill, GMK transports packages for delivery. Depending on the station, the courier terminal may be located outside the cargo warehouse or within.

GMK transports large quantities of mail on both international and domestic routes, giving each shipment its full attention and priority.

GMK is authorized to transport Dangerous Goods according to its Air Operator Permit (AOP). In addition, the State & Operator Variations as described in the current IATA DGR must be followed for the acceptance and transportation of DG.

Road Cargo

1. Curtain Sided Transportation

Most of the freight transportation on American roads is performed by curtain-sided trucks. Curtain top and PVC curtain sides characterize this category of trucks. The truck's curtain sides make loading and unloading freight a breeze, which is why this mode of transport is so widely used.

2. Flatbed Transportation

Large pieces of construction equipment, as well as building materials and containers, are typically transported by this mode of road cargo transportation. However, that is not the only kind of freight that may be transported on a flatbed.

3. Temperature Controlled Transportation

Having access to climate-controlled transportation is becoming increasingly important. Temperature-controlled vehicles are specialized for this kind of freight hauling on the road. To be more specific, the temperature-sensitive goods are kept at an ideal level using a refrigeration system incorporated within the vehicle.

4. Box Truck Transportation

Large metal boxes, characteristic of box trucks, are a telltale sign of this vehicle type. These vehicles are perfect for transporting temperature- or humidity-sensitive goods. Box trucks also have tie-down points to keep your stuff safe during transport.

5. Car-Carrying Transportation

Nerve-wracking as it may be to drive a car across country, more and more customers are turning to car-carrying transportation services to get their vehicle from Point A to Point B.

6. Road Cargo Transportation – Tanker Transportation

Certain fields are singled out as the only ones that need tanker truck transportation. Both tanker semi-trucks and tanker straight trucks fall under this category of vehicles. There are many different liquids, chemicals, and gases that require a specific mode of conveyance. Liquids of a potentially harmful nature, such as fuel and pesticides, can also be transported using this method, depending on the demands of the customer.

Marine Cargo

We have a wide variety of containers to accommodate virtually any shipment. We have a cutting-edge container fleet and are committed to continuous improvement to meet your needs.

Dry Cargo Container

Optimal for any regular freight. Different lashing mechanisms are installed on the longitudinal rails and corner posts of every container. For bulky items, consider using a High Cube container. When height is an issue, you can rely on our Hardtop containers to hold your cargo.

Reefer Cargo Container

There are containers with a temperature control range of -35°C to +30°C, usable in ambient environments up to 50°C. Weighing in at a low tare allows for a larger payload.

Special Cargo Container

Oversized and heavy cargoes, in addition to project cargo, can be accommodated with the use of specialized containers. Multiple, extremely sturdy lashing mechanisms are mounted on the longitudinal rails and corner posts. 

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