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As one of India’s biggest players in the renewable energy sector, GMK Power is well-positioned to respond to the country’s shifting emphasis on renewable energy.
Our Renewables Business aims to provide our nation with energy from renewable natural resources, from the wind’s force to the sun’s power

Our Purpose

As one of India's biggest players in the renewable energy sector, GMK Power is well-positioned to respond to the country's shifting emphasis on renewable energy. Our Renewables Business aims to provide our nation with energy from renewable natural resources, from the wind's force to the sun's power:

Our Vision

to be a premier business leader in industries that improve people's lives and aid in constructing infrastructure for countries through sustainable value generation.

Our Mission

Always prioritising the needs of the customer Successfully managing assets and completing projects at the industry standard by leveraging cutting-edge technology and creativity. Consistent expansion aimed at maximising profits and establishing a dominant market position. 'Caring Leadership' for the benefit of all stakeholders, including the creation of a motivated and fulfilled workforce driven by passion and purpose.


With facilities located in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and six more states, GMK Power can generate 932 MW of wind energy. India’s three leading states for encouraging wind power generation are Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh.
One of the most rapidly expanding sources of renewable energy in the world is wind energy. Wind turbines produce power from the kinetic energy of the wind.


Over 55000 Solar Water Pumps have been deployed in India to date, and GMK Power Solar has a portfolio of more than 7GW of ground-mount utility-scale, over 750MW of the rooftop, and distributed generation projects across the nation. Additionally, it provides a variety of solar solutions for both urban and rural markets, such as rooftop options, solar pumps, and power banks. With its integrated solar solutions, GMK Power Solar hopes to give millions of people access to electricity across the nation. The company is dedicated to making solar energy available to everyone.

At the most recent COP 26, solar power generation has become increasingly popular. This is the era of energy pros prosumers, who are not just energy consumers but also producers. Each of us may add solar to the India 2030 renewable story thanks to the significant renewable challenges that India accepted as goals at COP 26.
Projects and Plants



Safety, Care, Agility, Learning, Ethics


Safety is a fundamental principle that must come first in all company decisions.


Take good care of stakeholders, the environment, customers, potential investors, our community, and our employees (our employees and partners)


Speed, responsiveness, and proactiveness are attained through teamwork and employee empowerment.


acquiring and developing skill sets that are suitable for the future. Increase the use of online learning platforms.


Obtain the highest-regarded ethical standards through mutual trust and integrity


GMK Power is present throughout the full power value chain, including conventional & renewable energy and next-generation client solutions, along with its subsidiaries and joint organisations.

Our Capabilities


Renewable Energy


With plants located all over the country and an installed capacity of 932 MW for wind energy production, GMK Power is a pioneer in encouraging the production of wind energy in India.


GMK Power Solar has a portfolio of more than 7GW of ground-mount utility-scale, over 750MW of rooftop and distributed generation projects across the country & installed Solar Water Pumps in India. It also offers a diverse line of solar solutions for both urban and rural markets – these include rooftop solutions, solar pumps, and power packs among others. GMK Power Solar is committed to enabling solar everywhere and aims to provide energy access to millions of people across the country via its integrated solar solutions.
Conventional Generation

GMK Power enjoys an unrivalled cost advantage in electricity production which has been achieved by regularly upgrading its state-of-art thermal and hydro plants. This enables the company to supply power at competitive tariffs to its customers.

Hydro Power

Pioneering the concept of cheap, clean and pollution-free energy, our hydro power stations are used to primarily supply power for the associated industrial areas. Presently, our hydropower generation projects are spread across Bhira, Bhivpuri and Khopoli in Maharashtra.

Thermal Power

Our thermal power plants use supercritical technology, supplying cost competitive power to various industries and agricultural processes. Presently our Thermal Power Plants are located across Trombay in Mumbai, Jamshedpur, Maithon and Jojobera in Jharkhand, Haldia in West Bengal, Kalinganagar in Odisha, Mundra in Gujarat and Prayagraj in Allahabad

Waste Heat Recovery

GMK Power has set up various plants at Haldia and in Jamshedpur for Waste Heat Recovery, based on blast furnaces and coke oven gases, which are waste gases from steel-making processes that help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions significantly.

Next-Gen Power Solutions

A wide range of innovative solutions that include:


For seven years running, GMK Power Solaroof has been the #1 solar rooftop EPC provider in India.
Investing in rooftop solutions results in significant cost savings and environmental protection.
Utilize your vacant rooftop space to save and earn.

GMK Power EZ Charge

With GMK Power EV charging solutions, you may have a seamless EV charging experience in your home, office, mall, hotel, retail location, and public access areas.
Our extensive network of more than 1000 chargers spread out across numerous areas in India serves our continuously expanding customer base.

Home automation products are offered by GMK Power. Utilize your phone’s voice control capabilities with Google Assistant or Alexa to control, schedule, and keep an eye on your lights and electrical appliances from anywhere.
Select from a variety of Switches, Converters, and Controllers that are created specifically for your need.

Smart Energy Management by GMK Power
By addressing both the supply and demand sides, GMK Power offers integrated energy solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs for inexpensive and sustainable energy.

About Green Energy

One of India’s leading renewable energy firms, GMK Power has a 20,434 MW project portfolio at the moment. The GMK Power Group has pledged to provide India a better, cleaner, and greener future, and AGEL is a part of that. The Company designs, constructs, owns, runs, and maintains utility-scale grid-connected solar and wind farm projects, guided by the Group’s philosophy of “Growth with Goodness.” Federal, state, and government-backed enterprises are given access to the electricity produced.
Due to long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) of 25 years with federal and state government agencies, AGEL has grown its footprint across 12 Indian states by utilising its resources. In its initiatives, the company uses the newest technologies. India’s transition to renewable energy is being led by AGEL, which now has 12 projects under construction and 54 operational projects in its portfolio.

Solar Power Generation

Our engineering expertise enables us to develop projects that are affordable and are supported by in-depth analyses of the site, solar radiation, grid connection infrastructure, and upcoming technologies. Our project design also takes into account a number of variables, including the site’s location, the climate, the impact of temperature on machinery, nearby facilities, and any prospective maintenance needs. As a result, we make sure that all of our capital investment initiatives are carried out after taking the risks into account and thoroughly analysing them.

Wind Power

We design, create, acquire, run, and maintain utility-scale grid-connected renewable farm projects, and we make money by selling electricity to federal, state, and government-backed businesses. We continually assess the potential of the country’s various regions for wind resource development in order to create wind projects. We have already set up a large number of wind turbines in the nation’s resource-rich regions, which has allowed us to confirm the potential for wind resources on the site and facilitate micro-siting.

Hybrid Power

Variability in solar and wind power has become a worry with the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources, especially if they account for a significant portion of the energy mix. Due to the complementary nature of their generation profiles—solar generation is higher during the day, while wind generation can be higher at night—hybrid wind and solar plants are creating a solution that will lessen this fluctuation.
Hybrid projects would also utilise their capacity at a much faster rate, eliminating the problem of intermittency. Such projects also gain from the added advantage of lower transmission line-sharing costs. Peak balancing, demand management, smarter grids, electric vehicles, and storage options like batteries, pumped hydro, and others are anticipated to further aid in reducing the fluctuation brought on by the nature of renewable energy sources.

Solar Parks

Energy for numerous industries and residential areas will be provided by the GMK Power Renewable Energy Park, which is now being built.

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