Our Vision

We think the world is interconnected. One world. Connected throughout. The flow of the foods, goods, data, and materials that support people, businesses, and economies around the world is improved by integrating global logistics. Allowing for the exchange of ideas, culture, and values. A more integrated globe boosts prosperity and quality of life on all fronts. It is our duty to make sure that future generations live in a more sustainable way.

Our Values

Committed to Excellence- By consistently achieving better results and innovating across all facets of our organisation, we raise the bar.

Our Mission

To be the port and Terminal operator of choice in the world’s gateway hubs, renowned for best-in-class services and successful partnership.

Dedicated to Customers

By anticipating and satisfying their needs, we assist our clients, both internal and external, in succeeding.

Focused On People

We succeed as a team when we care for, respect, and assist one another.

Integrated Worldwide

By embracing diversity and enhancing local operations, we increase our strength on a worldwide scale.



GMK Port & Terminal provides a wide range of warehouse solutions that are tailored to the demands of individual customers and their products. We offer six different temperature zones across India, with temperatures ranging from 30 degrees below zero to 30 degrees above zero. Exceptional standards are met by our capacity to handle a wide variety of temperature-controlled products. Fully automated high-rise cold stores with double deep racking structures rely on modern material handling equipment that can lift materials up to 11 meters in height and has all industrial safety features, such as a driver cage, anti-skid mechanisms, reverse alarms, tiltable forks, and camera assisted fork lifting. Customers can monitor stock levels and place orders in advance with the use of online, real-time inventory data made available via mobile apps and web portals.

Warehousing Features

Business Solutions


GMK Port & Terminal provides Customized Cold Chain Solutions logistic services. Primary and secondary refrigerated transportation throughout India, dedicated reefer fleet and trip-based operational fleet managed by specialist teams of cold supply chain industry experts. Logistics services are provided in collaboration with cold stores as well as individually with clients. Our technology, experienced people, and fleet tailor transportation solutions to the specific needs of our clients. We provide greater adaptability and a faster response to changing business economics. Fleet managers collaborate closely with clients to develop the best transportation strategies, including full truck loads, dedicated, multi-temperature vehicles, and milk runs. GMK Port & Terminal uses telematics to provide comprehensive supply chain visibility for temperature and vehicle movement, with efficient Pre-Trip, On Trip, and Post Trip Controls.

Business Consulting

We assess the current setup and structure of the supply chain, looking for opportunities for improvement. GMK Port & Terminal has a highly qualified team of experienced experts who can solve complex supply chain issues. The end result is practical, clear, solution-oriented, and tailored to your company’s needs. Previous consultancy projects have included studies and reviews of warehouse and distribution facilities, modality selection, inventory management, outsourcing, and warehouse mechanization concepts. GMK Port & Terminal has a highly qualified team of experienced experts who can solve complex supply chain issues.

Managed Services

Project Administration Workforce Administration Services for warehousing Inventory control In terms of plant logistics Kitting and packaging From concept development and design to implementation and completion, our specialists collaborate closely in multidisciplinary teams.

Information Technology

E comererce in Coldstorage

Warehousing Technology

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