Our Vision

To maintain our leadership in the market as a manufacturer and supplier of the best quality seafood.

Our Mission

To be the most reliable and competitive seafood manufacturer, produce the best quality frozen seafood globally and establish long-lasting relationships. We believe in ‘Quality Through Control’, which is the underlying principle behind our processes. We strive to achieve consistency in delivering superior-quality products by implementing a system of control at all points of the manufacturing process.

GMK Seafood is led by a strong management team and a bevvy of experienced professionals. Our aim is to cultivate mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with our clients.


At GMK Seafood, we believe it is our responsibility to deliver a fresh product. We strive to uphold this commitment made to our customers by taking an honest approach without any shortcuts. Our reputation is only matched by the standard by which we maintain the quality and cleanliness of our facilities.


At GMK seafood, we have a Pro-Change attitude which we have carried forward since our inception. We constantly make efforts to update these methods with the times. This attitude is central when taking and dissecting the feedback we get from our clients in a constructive manner.

Why Choose Our Seafood?

Best quality, Top notch customer service and Best price.

Our mission is to become the seafood market leader by using the latest freezing technology, and customer management techniques as well as a means for every restaurant, supermarket chain and outlet of frozen seafood to get the freshest, high-quality seafood.

Specialize in the wholesale seafood We offer quality services to all kinds of restaurants & hypermarkets

We will take care of all your seafood needs from fish to shellfish and much more. We source and stock all types of seafood that you might need and whatever the quantity, you can be sure to receive high-quality seafood from us that meet international standards at good prices. We specialize in delivering prawns, shrimp and other exquisite seafood items to renowned Japanese restaurants and Dim Sum restaurants. These fine dining arenas create exemplary prawn dishes which are highly appreciated by customers from all over the world.

Why Choose Our Frozen Seafood?

Our frozen seafood is fresh from the boat

We specialize in frozen seafood that's as fresh as the day it was caught. Our team of consultants ensures that our products retain their nutritional value while being frozen straight from the ocean. We use the latest freezing technology to make sure the flavor is locked in until you're ready to cook. Our frozen seafood is cheaper than other preservation methods and buying directly from the fishermen isn't always possible. We make it easy by sending you all the seafood you need under one cover.

Cold Room Storage

GMK has a modern cold room warehouse facility with advanced freezing technology and temperature control systems. It effectively preserves the freshness and nutritional benefits of seafood items like prawns and shrimps. The cold storage can hold enormous quantities of seafood for a long time without ruining them. For even bigger storage needs, GMK offers seafood freezer units like the 70kw blast freezer that freezes seafood on a large scale, ensuring crunchier and original seafood stocks with increased quality. The cold room facilities make it easy to prolong the life of seafood products, guaranteeing their quality and freshness when delivered to customers. The freezers are well-maintained to ensure smooth operations.

OUR SERvices

GMK Sea Food has processing facilities in Dubai. We take pride in being the best company to establish an array of fully integrated seafood processing plants. These plants utilize technologically advanced freezing and processing equipment such as IQF machines, plate freezers, blast freezers, tunnel freezers, and flake ice plants.

Our facilities adhere to strict hygiene policies as we have standardized quality measures across all our plants and processing units. This enables us to maintain a high-quality standard and at the same time preserve the well-being of our employees. Our facilities boast sophisticated water treatment plants which ensure that only the purest of ingredients are used to manufacture these products.

Our processing facilities in Dubai are equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment. We follow strict quality measures under the supervision of highly experienced and extensively trained employees. We monitor the whole process to ensure its compliance with international standards.

1. Seafood processing

 Manufacturing Process  with Flow Chart

Fish processing means the canning of fish and prawns in a brine solution to increase their
shelf life. Fresh as well as stored fish are used for canning. For frozen fish
thawing to room temperature is necessary before processing. Washing of whole
fish has carried out remove dirt. The detailed manufacturing process of canning of
fish and prawns is given below:

helps to remove the fish oils and coagulates the protein in the fish to loosen the meat. Precooking is carryout out by using steam/ hot air/ oil or smoke.

fish are then cooled using refrigeration or cold air. Method and time required for cooling depends on the type and size of the fish.

After cooling undesirable parts of the fish like heads, fins, and bones are removed.

chopping the fish into desirable sizes using a cutter or slicer.

Pieces of fish are then canned with brine or oil

After sealing of cans using a sealer, the cans are placed in An autoclave/retort for sterilization. The general process flow chart of fish canning is given below.


2. Warehousing facility

High-security warehouse on rent in Dubai with integrated logistics operations such as Transporting the Goods from Source to our Warehouse, In warding the Goods, Quality Check, Storage, Dispatch, Reporting and Transportation.

3. Cold storage Services

Cold Rooms are standard preservation chambers built at the site to desired dimensions and cooling specifications.
Cold Room is available in standard models and other sizes & for specific temperature requirements, Cold Room/Freezing Rooms are available in Temp. Range from -4° C to 18° C. The standard model are 2° C to 4° C and the refrigeration unit is designed as per the Indian environmental conditions.
Each panel section is incorporated with high-quality material. Doors are provided with magnetic gaskets and for lower temperatures below Zero heaters in the door gasket is being provided.


  • Compressor
  • High-Efficiency Condenser
  • Control Panel
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve
  • Automatic Control of Temperature
  • 60 mm to 120 mm Puff Insulated panels 
  • Digital Temperature Indicator.

4. Live Lobster Cargo

We have specialized in shipping live Lobsters. For detail contact us.



  1. Live Lobster Whole/Tail
    Cooked Lobster, Sand Lobster, Live Lobster
  2. King Fish
  3. Gropers All sizes 
  4. Cattel Fish
  5. Squids
  6. Red Snapper
  7. Ribbon Fish
  8. Sail Fish, Tuna Fish, Tuna Lions, Fish Fillet
  9. Shrimps White/Brown/Black/ Tiger
  10. Dry fish different varieties are available

Note: For any specific requirement of fresh or live seafood please contact us.


  1. Dry seafood
  2. Fish Meal

 Note: For any specific requirement of dried seafood please contact us.


Sablefish – Latin name: Anoplopoma fimbria

Albacore Tuna – Latin name: Thunnus alalunga

Spot Prawns – Latin name: Pandalus platyceros

Chinook Salmon – Latin name: Oncorhynchus tschawytscha

Coho Salmon - Oncorhynchus kisutch

Halibut - Hippoglossus stenolepis

Octopus - Octopus dofleini


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